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Looking for employment in today’s technological environment is far more intricate than ever. Whether you’re the perfect candidate or the exemplary employer, making a decades lasting commitment is not an easy task

Built for recruiters by recruiters, we understand the challenges employers/recruiters face finding the right candidate as well as the cost associated with doing so. We created ApplicantFinder with one purpose in mind…connecting the qualified candidate to the employer for the best price!




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Sorting Out Your Job Search Needs From Hello to Hired!

ApplicantFinder is an online employment solution that has strategically been designed to cater to individuals searching for employment opportunities and employers seeking talented resources. Ever since we started as a job advertising company, we have expanded our roots to being preeminent providers for job seeking, recruitment, career management, and talent management services.

Whether you’re a thriving candidate searching for employment opportunities to kick-start your career or you’re an employer searching for talented individuals for hard-to-fill vacancies, ApplicantFinder is changing the way online job portals work. With unique full-time and part-time job hiring opportunities, we take immense pride in being at the forefront of technological innovation to evolve human capital management with tailored solutions; helping employers locate, employ and manage talented individuals.


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Standout Amongst The Lot Through Our Tailored Services

Tailored Resume Assessments

Whether you’re searching for part-time jobs or full-time employment opportunities, a well-maintained resume is what helps you get the job done. With our resume assessment service, we make sure that you’re telling the most compelling story.

Tailored Assistance, Thoroughly

From assisting you with ‘freelance jobs near me’ to guiding you throughout the job advertising techniques, our team offers thorough guidance from start to finish. We help you in identifying the perfect job opportunity that is certain to help you kick start your career!

We Cater To Your Needs All The Way Through

Our Core Values

From advertising jobs in Chicago to featuring employment opportunities in Los Angeles, ApplicantFinder helps you land your dream job in a snap. We take immense pride in serving a vast clientele full of happy employers and highly satisfied individuals searching for a job opportunity. Our success is a testament to the services we offer, and it has been made possible by the core values we religiously pursue. Following are the core values that we, at ApplicantFinder, abide by:

  • Transparency:

We believe in being honest and transparent with our services so that we can share information – whether good or bad –to continually learn, collaborate, and make the right decisions.

  • Innovativeness:

We, at ApplicantFinder, actively trail new and unique ways to expand our services. We believe in forging our route by challenging the status quo by fusing technology and innovative strategies.

  • Integrity:

We are all about working in harmony with respect, integrity, and compassion. We believe in staying inclusive, humble, and utterly fair in our quest to do the right thing, every single time.

We Make Your Job Search Easier

Tailored, User-friendly, and Just For You!

Being a trusted online job marketplace, we, at ApplicantFinder, have reshaped the way we help employers and job seekers from across the globe. Our job portal is strategically designed to help avid job seekers land their dream jobs. Keeping things tailored to suit your preferences, following are some of the traits that our job portal features:

  • Quick Apply

ApplicantFinder allows you to easily apply to several jobs with just one click! Our ‘Quick Apply’ feature recommends you job opportunities that are based on your recent searches!

  • Job Alert Emails

Our strategic job portal allows you to keep track of the job openings you have applied for or the positions you’re interested in. You can even choose to get notified via email whenever a similar job opportunity opens!

We Empower Employment Across The Globe

We, at ApplicationFinder, strive continuously to empower employment across the globe. We believe in organizing the world’s human capital data and make it significant for the world. Helping employers and job seekers connect better, we’ve strategically designed an integrated, allowing us to deliver easy-to-use employment solutions. Our employment solutions are all about streamlining the entire process of finding a job so that you can save up on your time and money!